Last Modified: May 05, 2021


1. Skillstone agrees to provide and the Student agrees to undertake and pay fee/security deposit for the Virtual training courses and facilities supplied under this agreement.

Acceptance of terms and condition of this agreement takes place when one of the following occurs:

The "Commencement" or the "Effective Date" of this agreement is the date the first of any one of the actions listed above occurs and terminates when the Virtual training course has completed. Once the term of this agreement ends, the access to the virtual course will be terminated.

2. The Student enrolling for Skillstone Virtual training course must agree to the following:

3. Eligibility

The eligibility for enrolment in the course is passing of the pre-qualifying exam conducted by Skillstone and being offered enrolment based on availability of seats.

At the time of the enrolment, the student is required to pay the security deposit, the paid security deposit is fully refundable if the student complies with the terms and conditions set forth herein.

4. Payment

Skillstone will inform the student who is being offered admission on the basis of pre-qualifying exam and availability of seats regarding the security deposit / fee to be paid for the Virtual training course. The student has to pay the security deposit / fee to secure his/her admission in the training course.

Skillstone may, at any time, and at its sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions.

5. Who can claim refund of security deposit

Security deposit will be refunded to the students who have already given the security deposit payment for admission to the training course and have successfully completed the course.

The students who will complete the course successfully by securing passing marks as decided by Skillstone are eligible for 100% refund of the paid security deposit amount.

Refund process: After successful completion of training course a student can request for a refund of security deposit. To make a request for a refund, a student is required to submit a written request to Skillstone at (skillstone@grazitti.com). Skillstone will notify students via e-mail of the status of his/her refund once Skillstone has received and processed his request. Students can expect a refund within 7 to 14 business days if fulfilling requirements necessary to claim refund.

Non- refund: The course fee is entirely non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-adjustable in following cases.

6. Placement Assistance

Placement assistance is subject to a course successfully completed at Skillstone, market conditions, performance, interview, work experience, communication skills and other factors affecting selection process.

Actual placements would depend upon the general economic and industry scenario, the academic and non-academic competencies including good soft skills developed by each student as well as the cultural fit of each student vis-à-vis the company, as determined by the company or recruiters. While every effort will be made to enable each student to compete effectively for various positions offered by companies, the actual conversion of the opportunity into a concrete placement is the sole responsibility of the student. Skillstone, therefore, does not guarantee that a particular student will be placed irrespective of the student’s performance parameters.

7. Certificates

On successful completion of the training course, the student will receive a certificate from Skillstone.