Full Stack Internship

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Learn all about Full Stack, become a job-ready Developer, and upskill your career with this course.

Build industry-ready skill-set by studying in-demand technologies such as ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Python, Front-End Frameworks, Server-Side Development, and more.

Enroll now to get exclusive access to self-paced online learning, doubt-clearing sessions, mentoring, and seminars by leaders and experienced IT professionals from Grazitti.

Earn a certificate of completion at the end of your course and get ready to grab lucrative job opportunities.

Course Features

  • Duration 6 Months
  • Effort Required Estimated 40 Hours/Week
  • Skill level Internship
  • Language English
  • Assessments Assignments, Projects, Tests
Module Topic
2 JavaScript
3 ReactJS
4 Angular
5 NodeJS
6 MongoDB
7 Python
8 Fundamental Concepts
9 Backend Concepts with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB
10 Front-End Framework - ReactJs
11 Front-End Framework - Angular
12 Final Project and Assessment

At the end of this course, you’ll have thorough knowledge about:

  • Component API and Lifecycle of Components
  • Browsers and HTML
  • Bootstrap, CSS & JavaScript Components
  • Data Binding
  • React Router and Single Page Applications
  • Creating and Managing MongoDB
  • Handling Asynchronous Actions
  • Backend as a Service
  • Angular Services & Routing

and more!
Build stunning web applications and set yourself up for success by learning directly from the pros in Grazitti.
Become eligible for various job roles such as Full Stack Developer, Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer, Web Developer, and more.

Minimum Eligibility:

  • Pursuing a Bachelors/Masters Degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Required to complete a minimum 6-month internship as a part of the degree program
  • No pre-qualifying test

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